Some Omniweb 5 tricks you might not know

  • This is my favourite! Pressing Enter will trigger any ‘next page’ links. When looking through search results in photo libraries, this feature is a god send.
  • Option_apple_b will open up the bookmarks manager in a new window, even if you have it set to appear in the browser.
  • Option clicking a toolbar bookmark folder highlights the name for editing.
  • Double clicking a tab will close it, and open that page in a new window
  • Double clicking the sites favicon will open the site in a new window, without closing the first instance.
  • Double clicking a bookmark toolbar folder will open all the bookmarks in tabs. Dragging the folder to the tab drawer does the same.
  • Drag a finder-level folder onto the window to reveal its contents. This has the added benefit of revealing the iPod’s hidden music folders too! (thanks Sean)
  • To export the page as one long PDF with no page breaks, type option-shift-command-s. Holding down option while exposing the File menu will also reveal this menu. (Thanks to Nick Matsakis)
  • If you select some text before outputting to pdf, it will be saved with the highlighted text.

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